Incredible First Week and…

The first week went by without a hitch. We had an incredible number of visitors and thousands of free E-books downloaded. Please feel free to get yours, and be sure to drop in later to look around, or leave your comments about When Graveyards Yawn. Click here to get your free copy.

We’re having ongoing discussions with and other online book sellers about removing record of my books’ previous incarnations. I’m trying to break ties with the old business model, you know?

Going through and other middlemen doubles the price of my books. Since they don’t store print-on-demand titles, or advertise the books, it’s impossible to justify the extra cost. Okay, they index the titles in a haystack of ISBN’s, but that’s as far as it goes. Anyone looking for one of my books would have to know the title going in, and then part with a considerable sum of money to order one, especially with shipping attached. I saw no reason to continue that relationship. In fact, the exorbitant price they charge made the whole enterprise counterproductive and acted to perpetuate the myth that print-on-demand titles have to be expensive. They don’t. Not if you remove the middleman and sell directly.

So far, they won’t remove the information or alter its description to reflect those editions’ status as out-of-print with that publisher. says: “As you may know, we offer customers the opportunity to locate out-of-print books through our Marketplace feature. It is our aim to list a wide selection of titles for our customers’ reference and convenience, so it is not our practice to remove a listing even when it is out of print.” If they were truly interested in providing information for their customers’ convenience then it would better serve them to let the book’s details reflect its true status. and say it is not our practice to have a company flogging books that G. Wells Taylor owns copyrights for without his permission. had a deal with my former publisher, not me. I’ll keep you posted.

Overwhelming Response!

That was an incredible weekend! There has been a staggering response to the E-book launch. I can’t wait to get some dialogue going with the many readers who are downloading free copies of When Graveyards Yawn as I write this. Get yours here!

Feel free to look around the site too. There are ‘extras’ links that will take you deeper into the archive. You’ll find free samples, animations and imaging from the books. Enjoy! Contact me with any questions!


When Graveyards Yawn

Why am I giving this book away? I want people to read it. I want a lot of people to read it. This book deserves a larger audience, and I thought if I gave it away, people would grab it up, maybe share it with friends, acquaintances and even enemies! I’ve got other books you might enjoy too. You can buy one of those at But try the free one first. It’s simple to do. Click anywhere on the web site, or click here: FREE WHEN GRAVEYARDS YAWN. You see? Now it’s yours. Enjoy!

If you’re not an E-book fan, give it a try. You never know, you might like it. If you run out of steam you can always order the paperback at or Links there will take you to, an internationally renowned company that will print one up and send it to you for less than half of what you’d pay at or or any of the other online book sellers.

I’m taking my books off their sites. That’s because the only way they’d sell them for me is if I agreed to a price increase of more than a 100%. This is simply ridiculous as it is a money grab from those who want to read and those who want to be paid for writing. Luckily, I can get an affordable paperback to you. You’ll pay less than half of what the online sources would charge you to order a similar title.

They make a lot of claims about where that extra cost comes in: storage, marketing and International treaties. But the truth is, there is no storage and little marketing for print-on-demand titles-they’re stored on a computer and only get printed when someone goes looking for them. And these International treaties they’re talking about only seem to be in place to inflate the price of paperbacks all over the world.

How can I give When Graveyards Yawn to you? I own the copyright. I wrote it. Feel free to take it and copy it and send it to people in an email. I’d like it if you did. I think it’s a good book. You’ll enjoy reading it. I’d say try the sample, but why not just take the whole book, it’s free. Lots of people have loved it.

It took me years to get the rights back and now that I have them, I’m giving the book away. People from 14 to seventy-five years of age have bought copies and enjoyed the action, the suspense and the horror. People have ordered it and paid good money for it from all over North America, the UK, India and Australia. And they loved it. You can have it for free, so go on: take it.

If you like When Graveyards Yawn, there are new titles on my site that you can purchase as affordable E-books or paperbacks. Remember though. You don’t have to buy anything. Just enjoy the free book.

G. Wells Taylor