Bent Steeple


G. Wells Taylor


I started jotting notes for this book back in 2004, worked at it in spurts until I finally dove in and finished it over the last two years. Some characters were inspired by individuals both friend and stranger. The setting comes from memories I accumulated during my time surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of northern Ontario and Quebec. If you haven’t seen it: Go and look!




Julia C. Moulton, Editor.

Thanks Jules. As always I feel fortunate to have had your help over the years.


Katherine Tomlinson, Editorial Consultant.

I am still envious of your job. Thanks for your time.


Edward Telford M.D., C.C.F.P., for consulting on medical practice and protocol.

Your enthusiasm for the project reminded me how much fun writing can be. I look forward to reading your book. Thanks!


Constable Jeff Knights who generously shared his knowledge of police procedure.

I appreciate the gift of time and information. Getting the full attention of a policeman and being allowed to ask anything was a thrill for me. I’m still excited about that. Thank you.


Photographer Gordon Chalmers for kindly permitting me to use part of his photograph as derivative work on the book cover. I truly believe your “Branches” has given the cover the iconic feel I was hoping for. Many thanks!


One look at Mr. Chalmers’ photography and you’ll see why I was so lucky to find him.