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Modern Twists on Classic Horror

Vampires, Ghosts and Monsters. Modern twists on Classic Horror.

Bent Steeple 
– $3.99
Mother’s Boy – $3.99
Memory Lane – $1.99
6_cover6 – Portrait of a 21st Century Snuff Fighter – $3.99

Of the Kind (TBA)
Scenic City (TBA)

BENT STEEPLE – Classic Horror with a Modern Twist – $3.99

And the truth sounded like insanity… The Blizzard of 1977 crippled the northeastern United States and Canada. Far from the headlines, twenty children died in the remote northern village of Bent Steeple. Their deaths were blamed on an unknown virus but survivors believed that something else stalked the snowy shadows. Now, the secret that slept …

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MOTHER’S BOY – $3.99

ALL the old houses on the street had the same problems. But it was the people who lived in them that were haunted. SCOTT KEYES returns to his hometown of Sydenham after 20 years away eager to explore the darkness that surrounds his forgotten childhood. His adoptive parents moved him away for his own good, but …

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Memory Lane – A Novella $1.99

The best secrets are about the past and we tell those because they happened long ago or far away to somebody else who is dead and gone. That’s all ancient history, so those secrets are safe to tell. But there are other things that are happening right now. Secrets that you don’t even dare whisper …

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Is he the explosive and dangerous result of illegal genetic experiments gone terribly wrong or a Darwinian throwback spawned by global warming, pollution and radioactivity? You ask him! Join the world’s most violent man on a raunchy voyage of self-discovery that takes him from the snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the blood-soaked Snuff …

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