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Book Cover Design

G. Wells Taylor wanted to be a fine artist when he first started out, but economic realities, and the technical changes to the media landscape made him rethink his plan. So he stored his paint brushes, and began a study of Journalism and English Literature in college and university.

Taylor quickly realized that the evolving graphic and design software used by newspapers and publishing houses allowed for both written and visual expression. This overlap of media forms was completed when matched to his emerging  embrace of fiction writing.

Then came the eBook Revolution.

Taylor has since designed and created the covers for his entire catalog of books, along with accompanying graphics for web display, and other promotional purposes. As the Internet grew, so did his job requirements which came to include the creation of digital animations that required character and setting design, props and later still, memes and additional iconography that were used in social media.

Book Covers (Click Text Titles for Closer Look)

THE VARIANT EFFECT: Skin Eaters ~ GreenMourning
MADHOUSE: 1 Ziploc City ~ 2 Gas Light ~ 3 BURN

Vampires of the Kind: BENT STEEPLE ~ OF THE KIND

The Apocalypse Trilogy
When Graveyards Yawn ~ The Forsaken ~ The Fifth Horseman

There are many more book cover examples on the website. Feel free to look around.

Book Illustrations

Dracula of the Apes

Team Omega Comic from The Variant Effect

The Variant Effect Zone Between