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The Kind is a dangerous breed.
Time has protected them as they fed upon the human hordes,
content to hunt in the shadow of myth and superstition.
But some remember elder days when they ruled the world,
and the more ambitious among them believe that time has come again.

Bent Steeple ~ Of The Kind ~ From The Gray (Coming 2024)
and the
Dracula of the Apes Trilogy


And the truth sounded like insanity … THE BLIZZARD OF 1977 crippled the northeastern United States and Canada. Far from the headlines, twenty children died in the remote northern village of Bent Steeple. Their deaths were blamed on an unknown virus but survivors believed that something else stalked the snowy shadows. Now, the secret that …

OF THE KIND – $3.99

NATHAN CHAMBERS and his bride-to-be want to rekindle their romance after they were forced to cancel their wedding at the start of the pandemic, and the stressful lockdown that followed left the relationship on rocky ground. Nate hopes some quality time at the treasured family cottage will help them put things right. The young couple …


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