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Artifacs Libros Interviews G. Wells Taylor (Are currently missing from  the Artifacs Libros web site.)
David at Artifacs Libros approached me in 2019 with a proposal to do Spanish language versions of my books The Variant Effect: SKIN EATERSWHEN GRAVEYARDS YAWN, and THE URN book one of the Dracula of the Apes trilogy as part of his ongoing mission to translate distinct English titles for Panhispanic readers. Part of that process  involved a short interview with a focus on each translated title that would be included in the final eBook.
David was good enough to provide me the English and Spanish versions of the interviews to share. Read them at the links below or visit the Artifacs Libros web site to read from his growing catalog of author titles and interviews.

**The Artifacs Libros Interviews are currently offline, but copies of the translations remain there and at Feel free to download your free copies!

Artifacs Libros creator David asks G. Wells Taylor some pointed questions about the Variant Effect series, and the strange past and future it takes place in.
The Variant Effect Series SKIN EATER (English Version)
FREE Download The Variant Effect eBook
El Efecto Variante: Devoradores de Piel (Spanish Version)
GRATIS Descarga El Efecto Variante

Artifacs Libros quizzes G. Wells Taylor about the unique main character and setting for When Graveyards Yawn and digs into the history that led to the creation of the World of Change.
When Graveyards Yawn and the World of Change Series (English Version)
FREE Download When Graveyards Yawn eBook
CUANDO LOS CEMENTERIOS SE ABREN – Serie El Mundo de Cambio (Spanish Version)

G. Wells Taylor is asked about the classic origins of Dracula of the Apes and the character’s literary future.
Dracula of the Apes Trilogy (English Version)
FREE Download THE URN – Dracula of the Apes eBook
DRÁCULA DE LOS MONOS – Trilogía Drácula de los Monos (Spanish Version)
GRATIS Descarga LA URNA –  DRÁCULA DE LOS MONOS Libro Uno En Trilogía