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Book Graphics

Back in the early days of the Book Project I did all my web design in Flash. That program was light on its feet then. It could do damned near anything in terms of artwork and design, and then squeeze it through a 28.8 modem. Sadly, Flash has now being crowded out of the market by the new demands of wireless and hand-held devices.

People with very old computers or very up-to-date skills can still view them here or through a link at the bottom.  What follows are links to images taken from the movies and posted here or at Instagram.

The Wildclown Mysteries

Wildclown Movie Trailer Storyboard

The Apocalypse Trilogy

Red Rider Weapon from The Fifth Horseman

The World of Change Books

Adventures of a Long-dead Detective

The Long Dead Detective

The Variant Effect: Skin Eaters

Captain Borland is in Trouble

The Variant Effect: Green Mourning

The Variant Effect: Painkiller Novella

6 – Portrait of a 21st Century Snuff Fighter

Animan from 6 – Portrait of a 21st Century Snuff Fighter

Bent Steeple

The Morelli Farm – Bent Steeple


The Wildclown Chronicle

I edited and designed The Wildclown Chronicle eZine from 2001-2002, and it had grown quite a following by the time the demands of writing my books competed for the hours required to put the Chronicle together. The publication is pretty much all Flash, and many have said the concept would have been perfect for viewing on tablets and smartphones. A Flash Player is required to view the following. Sadly, those are all but extinct.

The Wildclown Chronicle Archive

Still shot from the Wildclown Chronicle Launch Sequence

Still shot from Detective Wildclown Mystery: The Cat Lover – Animated Intro

The Wildclown Chronicle issues are still available at this link, but sadly, you’ll need a machine that will run Flash to view them. I think they have held up well over time. Thanks again to the many Indie authors and pioneering readers who climbed aboard long before eReading was fashionable. ~ G. Wells Taylor