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A CORAL PILLOW – Short Story – .99

ONE FATEFUL NIGHT a lonely lighthouse keeper climbs into a rowboat and sets off to visit a mainland tavern in search of company. When his boat capsizes on the rough sea, he sinks into the cold abyss expecting death, so he is surprised to awaken on shore in the morning light. He’s still alive, but he’s no longer alone!
Love, legend, and loss drive this dark fantasy.
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A CORAL PILLOW – Dark Fantasy Short Story
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Wildclown Mysteries in the World of Change


Book 1: When Graveyards Yawn (A FREE Wildclown Novel)
Book 2: Wilclown Hard-Boiled – $3.99
Book 3: Wildclown Hijacked – $3.99
Book 4: Menagerie (A Wildclown Novel) – $3.99
Book 5: The Night Once More (A Wildclown Novel) $3.99
Book 6: Damned with the Devil$3.99

More from the World of Change
A Butcher Street Case File

The Corpse – HARBINGER – $3.99
When Graveyards Yawn – Polish Language Edition$2.99
When Graveyards Yawn – Spanish Language EditionFREE

The Apocalypse Trilogy

The Apocalypse Trilogy

Book One: When Graveyards Yawn (A FREE Wildclown Novel)
Book Two: The Forsaken – $3.99
Book Three: The Fifth Horseman – $3.99

The Variant Effect Series

Book One: The Variant Effect: Skin Eaters (A FREE Novel)
Book Two: GreenMourning  – $3.99
Book Three: Madhouse 1 – ZIPLOC CITY – $2.99
Book Four: Madhouse 2 – GAS LIGHT –  $2.99
Book Five: Madhouse 3BURN$2.99
NEW Variant Effect: NOVEL (TBA)
he Variant Effect: Skin EatersSpanish Language Edition FREE

The Variant Effect Series

Variant Effect Novella: PAINKILLER (FREE)
The Variant Effect: Blood Angel Short Story – .99

Dracula of the Apes


Book One: The UrnFREE eBook
Book Two: The Ape$3.99 eBook
Book Three: The Curse – $3.99 eBook
Dracula of the Apes: The Urn – Spanish Language Edition – FREE

Horror Fiction

Of The Kind
(Bent Steeple Sequel Coming SPRING 2022)
Bent Steeple – $3.99
Memory Lane$1.99
Mother’s Boy – $3.99
A Coral Pillow 
Scenic City (TBA)

Gene Spiral Series

6 – Portrait of a 21st Century Snuff Fighter – $3.99
1 – A History of the Mooncalf

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PEOPLE STOPPED AGING, the dead rose from their graves, it started raining and it’s been raining ever since. But a guy’s still got to make a living doesn’t he? WILDCLOWN IS BACK AND SO ARE THE NAZIS A DARK-HAIRED beauty comes calling with news of a compound being built south of Greasetown where neo-Nazis are …


THE CHANGE CAME… “Long ago rain started and did not stop. Cities drowned and the dead crawled like worms from the wet ground. All the mothers of the earth dropped their children stillborn and there were no more. The Change looked like the end but it was not.” A story told by Fingerbones, Irawk Medicine Man ~ …


The Variant Effect MADHOUSE 3 – BURN! LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES NOW AVAILABLE! The Variant Squad barely had time to get back on its feet before the screaming started. Someone was getting skinned alive, and they knew it. But many of their comrades have just fallen to their deaths, and others are still missing, …


Dracula of the Apes picks up where Bram Stoker’s Dracula left off and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes began. Book One: THE URN – FREE (eBOOK)   Book Two: THE APE – $3.99Book Three: THE CURSE – $3.99 Dracula’s Gypsy servant Horvat has the special duty of preserving his master’s body if the worst should ever happen—and the …

Modern Twists on Classic Horror

HORROR FICTION Vampires, Ghosts and Monsters. Modern twists on Classic Horror. Bent Steeple– $3.99                 Mother’s Boy – $3.99                 Memory Lane – $1.99                                                                                6 – $3. 99                                  A Coral Pillow – …