Worst Blogger Ever…

All right. I’ll admit it. I’m just not taking to this blogging thing. I apologize for the lax standards in blogging that I’m exhibiting over here; but I’m just too busy writing books.

Isn’t that really what you want to hear? That I’m currently up to ‘here’ in the polishing draft of Bent Steeple. It’s a huge book, biggest yet and a departure from my World of Change stories. Or that Bent Steeple is sure to appeal to a wider audience who have a taste for horror and blood.

You don’t really want to know that I had my usual cheese on toast with coffee at seven o’clock this morning, after my daily early editing session. You couldn’t possibly care.

I’m assuming that you’d rather skip over that and instead have me make occasional announcements like:

Bent Steeple will be available in July of 2009.

or that:

The Apocalypse Trilogy Book One: When Graveyards Yawn is still available here as a free eBook download.

And you can check out Book Two: The Forsaken at this link. Both are available as paperback and eBook. Get a sample of The Forsaken here.

and finally that:

Book Three in the trilogy: The Fifth Horseman will be galloping close on its heels with a Christmas 2009 release. Get a sample here.

I hate to sound repetitive, but I also hate to sound boring. I barely care that I had cheese on toast this morning, or that the hot water tap in my vertically challenged new bathroom has a habit of drooling.

Who wants to know that? I forget about it the moment I walk out the door. That’s probably why it’s been leaking for a month.