Skin Eaters and Bent Steeple

Trying to clean up this blog. Sorry for the simple ‘theme’ but I’m in the process of revamping the site for the upcoming Bent Steeple  release this Halloween. (more about the release below…)

In the meantime I’m releasing a new novel The Variant Effect: Skin Eaters in FREE installments. You can get the first three at You can also read the first installment online (again for FREE) where it’s in great company in the Astounding Adventures Magazine Issue 7. You can order the actual magazine at Amazon. Special thanks to editor Katherine Tomlinson for getting me involved with Issue 7.

We’re also getting primed for the Bent Steeple launch on Halloween. Take the link to visit and check out the cover and sample chapters. While you’re there enter the Bent Steeple eBook Reader contest. If you haven’t guessed, the winner gets a free Sony eBook Reader. Oh, it’s free to enter and there are second and third prizes.

We’re doing a general revamp on the whole site in preparation for Bent Steeple’s release. One of those things will be a BLOG revamp. I need something sleek and stylish. Actually might use Twitter and Facebook instead.