Bent Steeple Contest Winners to be Announced

One would think that all this technology would make things work like, well, clockwork; however, such is not the case with the Bent Steeple eBook Reader Contest. Our confirmation emails to prize winners must be locked up in the anti-virus software of some of our winners. We’re about to switch to Plan B.

Stay tuned for the announcement early next week. We’ve got plans for another contest too.

If you haven’t checked out THE VARIANT EFFECT – SKIN EATERS, now’s your chance. The first installments are all available here. Part Four: PARKERVILLE is downloading like crazy. I’ve just finished Part Five: CRANKENSTEIN. It will be available in a couple of weeks after a final polishing. There’s a twist in this one that I didn’t even see coming.

Otherwise, FREE MULTI-FORMAT downloads of my novel When Graveyards Yawn have increased. If you own a Nook eReader owner, get your free copy here at Barnes and Noble.

The number of downloads jumped after Christmas and have never gone back down. I chalk that up to people receiving Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers, iPhones and others for Christmas. Click here for free stuff.