A Quick Update on the Book Project!

Sorry, I’m slipping back into my poor blogging habits…

I’ve got a reason though. The publishing world is experiencing a total change with the reader and writer standing to gain the most. The new system will ensure greater selection and access (new authors, out-of-print books and little known titles). The change is sure to cause some bumps, but it will be worth it.

The G. Wells Taylor Book Project has joined with Smashwords to take advantage of their independent author distribution platform that sees my (G. Wells Taylor’s) titles available for download at: Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks, Smashwords, GWellsTaylor.com, Apple iBooks. We’re still waiting for Sony eBook Store and Amazon to finish indexing the titles, but we’ll soon be available at those locations too.

The great thing is participating authors are allowed to set their own prices. Without the costs of printing, storing or employing a huge staff, G. Wells Taylor eBooks reach readers at a starting price of $3.99. (And it goes lower from there…)

So, feel free to look around for the best price, you’ve got that option now!