Into July…

Lots of activity on the web site, and visitors are enjoying the samples of my other books too. Very exciting. Free E-books are still downloading like crazy, and I see it’s making the rounds of the Torrent sites. Fascinating process.

While awaiting responses from the legal departments at and regarding the removal or correction of references to previous editions of my books (When Graveyards Yawn, Wildclown Hard-Boiled and Wildclown Hijacked), I am coming to realize the enormity of the job ahead. There are hundreds of brokers out there on the web that are popping up offering copies of old editions of my books for sale as both new and used. How they’re still able to offer ‘new’ copies is beyond me, since it was a print-on-demand title with the former publisher. New editions are now only available for sale through my site and directly from The job of correcting this error looks like an endless one since these brokers are all over the English-speaking world and from countries as distant as Finland and Japan.

I understand the concept of selling/trading used editions of books through online marketplaces. I don’t have a problem with that; but I would like the information that is presented along with them to be accurate. If they’re selling ‘used’ copies of ‘out of print’ editions they should say so. Otherwise they’re creating unnecessary confusion about the present status of my books. We’ll see how promptly replies. That should set a precedent that might determine how other online brokers will respond. I’d settle for some indication that the former publisher no longer represents those editions or the author. Even stating that it is ‘out of print’ with the publisher would suffice.