Sep 02

Dracula of the Apes Coming Soon!


Dracula’s gypsy servant Horvat has the special duty of preserving his master’s body if the worst should ever happen—and the worst has happened!
Van Helsing’s team of vampire hunters has decapitated the count and reduced him to dust and ashes.
Horvat’s instructions are simple. Dracula’s remains must be stored in a special urn and bathed in blood while en route to South Africa where a mysterious ally will see to his resurrection.
But fate steps in off the African coast and a shipwreck casts Horvat and his precious burden into the jungle setting of another literary classic.

Jun 04


ALL the old houses on the street had the same problems.
But it was the people who lived in them that were haunted.


returns to his hometown of Sydenham after 20 years away eager to explore the darkness that surrounds his forgotten childhood. His adoptive parents moved him away for his own good, but were never able to completely explain the circumstances surrounding their departure or the secrets that have followed him since. Now that they are dead and buried, any questions he has will go unanswered.
Until he gets to Sydenham. A mysterious force has haunted his absence, blindly seeking a release from its long torment by stalking those responsible for its pain. Murder, loss and betrayal manifest in a sleepless shadow that hungers for revenge.
And no one sees it coming.
As Keyes delves into his past, he unlocks a mystery steeped in black magic and written in blood. He’ll be lured into the halls of a cursed old home where something is waiting and watching for MOTHER’S BOY.

Sample Chapters

Mother’s Boy now available for $3.99 at: Amazon, iBookstore
Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks
and in most eBook formats at Smashwords.

Dec 12

The Next Big Thing = Mother’s Boy

My friend Katherine Tomlinson has tagged me in The Next Big Thing Blog Tour. She’s over at Kattomic Energy working on her next book Misbegotten.

G. Wells Taylor’s “Next Big Thing Q&A” follows.

1) What is the working title of your current/next book?
Mother’s Boy is due out in May 2013.

2) Where did the idea come from?
Many things contributed but a conversation I had with my nephew served as catalyst.

3) What genre does your book fall under?
Horror, supernatural.

4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?
I haven’t thought that far ahead.

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
When Scott Keyes arrives in his hometown after decades away he does not know that mysterious events have haunted his long absence and that a history lesson waiting for him is written in blood.

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
It will be Indie published through Amazon and Smashwords.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft?
Five months.

8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Ghost Story by Peter Straub. Pigeons from Hell (short story) by Robert E. Howard.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book?
Women. Mothers. A house.

10) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?
This book was also inspired by D. H. Lawrence’s  Sons and Lovers.

Mother’s Boy Sample Chapters – PDFHTML

Nov 23

MEMORY LANE – A Novella – NOW AVAILABLE for $1.99

NOW AVAILABLE for $1.99!

Currently available for $1.99 at (Review) ~ Barnes &
iBookstore ~ Kobo

Smashwords offers formats for NookiPad, KindleKoboMobile Devices and web browser.

Memory Lane – A Novella

The best secrets are about the past, and we tell those because they happened long ago or far away to somebody else who is dead and gone. That’s all ancient history, so those secrets are safe to tell. But there are other things that are happening right now. Secrets that you don’t even dare whisper about.

Secrets like this one: There are monsters on Memory Lane. I know, because I’ve met them.  Not real ones, but they’re monsters just the same. You never know where they’re going to pop up, but they seem to like
Memory Lane the best.

Download samples of Memory Lane by G. Wells Taylor
in format of choice: PDF –  HTML

Nov 21

Thrash Metal band SKIN EATER performs “Jaws of Death.”

Thrash Metal band Skin Eater performs “Jaws of Death” inspired
by The Variant Effect. Outstanding work, gentlemen!

Oct 02

G. Wells Taylor Interviewed by Albert Berg’s UNSANITY FILES.

G. Wells Taylor took a break from writing his horror novel MOTHER’S BOY for some Q&A in an interview by Albert Berg’s UNSANITY FILES.

Here’s a start:

All of your books seem to feature the undead in one way or another. What is it that fascinates you about zombies and vampires? Is it simply the horror of imperfect immortality, or is there something more?

Zombies and vampires are fitting tools for exploring the horror of imperfect immortality, as you say; but I also see them as dire warnings against imperfect mortality… Read the Full Interview at Unsanity Files

Click around Unsanity Files. Great posts. Insightful observations. Dry wit. Highly recommended.

Oct 01


NOW AVAILABLE for $3.99!

Currently available for $3.99 at (Amazon Reviews) ~
iBookstore ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Kobo

(Smashwords offers formats for Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kindle, Kobo, Mobile Devices and web browser.)

Katherine Tomlinson Review


No More Dreams…

“Borland grumbled under his breath as the bus lurched through traffic. Headquarters had said it would be a one-hour wait for a squad car so Borland told them to stuff themselves; he’d get there on his own dime. Barely back in the squad for 10 months, and they were already treating him like a second-class citizen.”

While Hyde hunts for a Variant-enhanced serial killer, a fight with a skin-eating granny almost sends Borland back into retirement. Skin eaters, secrets and murder close in as the squad scrambles to contain the Variant Effect.

Download SAMPLES of the Variant Effect sequel
at and 
or Download direct: PDF – EPUB – MOBI (Kindle) – LIT – PDB – FB2 – TXT – HTML

Jun 11

The Variant Effect: GreenMourning

The Variant Effect sequel: GREENMOURNING !


May 30


REVIEW by Kirsten Ross - Freelance Journalist

Traditional horror and detective genres collide in When Graveyards Yawn, the first novel from author G. Wells Taylor.

Taylor’s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic anytown, where chaos and violence are the norm, and force replaces civil or common law as a means to maintain order.  With a twist straight from the book of Revelations, the dead have stepped from their graves and into a society that isn’t prepared for the influx.  A worldwide miscarriage has ended the possibility of new births (human or animal), and the living are unable to die. Death by natural causes is a gift denied to the masses; it takes an act of extreme violence to end life in this particular world.

It makes sense that from this dismal soup emerges private detective Tommy Wildclown, a whiskey-swilling sleuth in perpetual clown face.  Tommy is hired to solve a dead lawyer’s murder and in the process stumbles upon a conspiracy involving an assortment of undercover authority figures, corrupt businessmen and shallow opportunists.  With his dead partner, Elmo, Tommy unearths a secret that could bankrupt a flourishing afterlife business and give the masses an alternative to their collective dismal existence.

Taylor’s mix of detective fiction and gothic horror and Biblical lore make this story engaging and fresh.  When Graveyards Yawn is well paced, with incredibly vivid description and clever narrative.  Taylor’s storytelling compels the reader to take part in the process.  The action is well written, the dialogue realistic, and the detail so precise that every scent, every injury, becomes part of the reader’s existence.

There’s no risk of becoming mired and tired with dark, heavy detail.  Taylor keeps the story enjoyable with keen wit and clever, creative metaphors.

When Graveyards Yawn is the first installment of Taylor’s Apocalypse series.  The follow-up books, The Forsaken and The Fifth Horseman, are currently being primed for publication.

May 30


Review by Michelle Boucher of

Set in a bleak and tawdry vision of a twisted future, the world is still recovering from “the Change”, an undetermined yet obviously cataclysmic event. The world is a dog eat dog kinda place (more than it can be now, if you can picture that nightmare). It’s still full of the same sort of political dirtbags, scam artists, and rich elitists we’re all familiar with, but of a level and severity that can only come with the “end of the world”. Authority has literally become that. A capital ‘A’ establishment that cracks down on the unwholesome and criminal aspects of the new place the world has become, while at the same time pretty much acting as a model for those they arrest. Greasetown, the HQ for our hero Tommy Wildclown, is similar to 1930’s Hollywood in that it’s got the same compelling and dangerous romantic edge to it, but now it’s no longer a place worth living for. The effects of the Change have wrought irreparable damage to its citizens and the very soul of the city itself. Honesty, pride, and integrity are literally things of the past.

Aside from shady law enforcement, gangs of homicidal drag queens, and many other societal changes one would expect the world to experience after an apocalypse (no Thunderdome, go to Australia for that), the dead began getting up, walking around, and asking for their jobs back among other things. Long lost Rovers and Morris’s were also back and ready to wag their tails or bite the hand of an unsuspecting citizen, while the living animals that remained turned wise and no longer want to play nice with their human neighbors. The rich reside in gated communities where they cower or frolic in ignorance or without care, and the middle class live out their existences more closely with those of the undead, who have to fight for civil rights and humane treatment. The world’s a strange new place and adjustments are badly needed and obviously a long time coming. The dead are the new minority in this world.

On top of the undead predicament, living humans and animals no longer age or die. Sounds nice right? I suppose it can be if you’re amid the upper class, but try telling that to someone who’s existence was miserable and death their only reprieve, and just wait ’til you find out just how difficult it is to actually die (shiver). On top of this twisted, nightmarish, and wholly indigestible manna, there’s one last chilling morsel: no living creature can conceive. A mass miscarriage and a few decades later leaves the population living on veggie burgers, in fear of animals that have turned vicious and are no longer domesticated. And in the middle of it all, stands, or rather, unceremoniously tramples, Tommy Wildclown. A towering, drunken, belligerent detective who comes off quite a lot like Mr. Blonde (although with a kind of gritty integrity and a conscience), in full clown regalia. Throw him into this melting pot of the undead, gangsters, corrupt law enforcement figures, dames, never ending rain (now that’s a bitch), a ton of creepy postulations on what might happen if the world actually did end, tie it all up with one hell of a conspiracy, and you’ve got When Graveyards Yawn.

And while Wildclown isn’t exactly traditional hero fodder, here he is playing the part in an irreverent but effective and fun manner. Caught up in a “one thing leads to another” intrigue, Tommy careens through Greasetown and its neighboring cities seemingly without a clue, but more and more on the ball than he himself or any of his detractors might have imagined. And he’s got plenty of enemies to go around, threefold. Unwitting as Wildclown is to participate in the grand scheme unfolding before him, he nevertheless manages to get himself entangled in the mother of all secrets when he takes what appears to be a fairly cut and dry murder case. With the plot of his case getting thicker than spoiled milk vomit, Tommy’s also got his own personal mysteries to solve and demons to battle as well, and the author keeps the pace, characters, and events unfolding more and more at just the right times, keeping you locked in, awaiting that next big plunge into revelation

G. Wells Taylor has taken the detective/mystery genre to new and horrific territory here. If you’re into a well-wrought combination of post apocalyptic society and wacked out characters this is something you don’t want to miss. When Graveyards Yawn is like a vision the illegitimate son of Dashell Hammet and William S. Burroughs might have. I wonder if Mr. Taylor plays that William Tell game with a pretty lady named Myrna…

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