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ALL the old houses on the street had the same problems. But it was the people who lived in them that were haunted. SCOTT KEYES returns to his hometown of Sydenham after 20 years away eager to explore the darkness that surrounds his forgotten childhood. His adoptive parents moved him away for his own good, …

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The Next Big Thing = Mother’s Boy

My friend Katherine Tomlinson has tagged me in The Next Big Thing Blog Tour. She’s over at Kattomic Energy working on her next book Misbegotten. G. Wells Taylor’s “Next Big Thing Q&A” follows. 1) What is the working title of your current/next book? Mother’s Boy is due out in May 2013. 2) Where did the …

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MEMORY LANE – A Novella – NOW AVAILABLE for $1.99

NOW AVAILABLE for $1.99! Currently available for $1.99 at (Review) ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBookstore ~ Kobo Smashwords offers formats for Nook, iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Mobile Devices and web browser. Memory Lane – A Novella The best secrets are about the past, and we tell those because they happened long ago or far away to somebody else who is dead and gone. That’s all ancient history, …

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