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Smashwords inked a deal with Shortcovers that opened up a GLOBAL mobile market for Bent Steeple and other titles at already distributes eBooks by Indie authors and publishers through the Sony eBook Store and Barnes and Shortcovers distributes to eBook Readers, laptop and computer readers as well as the larger and growing mobile reader market.

I’ve already got Bent Steeple up there. Had to charge a little more than my direct price because they’re a retailer and want something in the exchange. I still kept it to $3.99 per eBook, which is fair enough, considering the wider reach these distributors offer. Kind of lucky I paused before uploading the rest of the eBooks because there has since been a tripling of uploads to Smashwords and a lot of technical glitches due to improperly formatted eBooks. They’ve since ironed things out, so I’ll be uploading in the wee hours.

You can always get the Reader-direct price of $1.99 per eBook at Remember, the Free Sony eBook Reader Contest continues. Enter at