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Joe Borland and Captain Beachboy deliver Lazarus team scientists to Bezo Metro Headquarters and find things in upheaval, so the rest of 9-Squad is ordered in to provide security.

The Variant Squad has been shaken and bloodied over the last twenty-four hours with a rising body count, and there hasn’t been time for wounds to heal or for the dead recruits to be replaced.

But the Bezo Board of Directors has put Lazarus specialists in charge of efforts to halt the Variant Effect outbreak in Metro, and end the Ziploc that holds the city in quarantine.

The veterans Borland and Hyde are suspicious of the change in command but cannot override their questionable orders or abandon their squad to a dubious mission.

As they prepare to join the scientists underground and open research labs that have been sealed for decades, 9-Squad finds the enigmatic company man, Brass, is working the graveyard shift and overseeing a top secret project of his own. Brass is in survival mode and his “Plan B” has hit a few bumps, but that’s not the worst of it.

There have been reports of unusual sounds and sightings that lend some truth to the old rumors that the HQ basement levels are haunted.

The squad must investigate the eerie phenomena, but all the signs point to something far more tangible and terrifying than the dead.

Borland, Hyde and the frazzled 9-Squad must decide who they can trust as lethal forces gather, and avenues of escape begin to close. The only way to save their skins and protect the public from annihilation may involve a terrifying descent into darkness.

Continue to explore the MADHOUSE with Gas Light, second stage in the final chapters of The Variant Effect Series.

MADHOUSE 2 – Gas Light
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MADHOUSE 1 – Ziploc City

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