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Just over a year has passed since the Variant Effect returned and Skin Eaters started hunting again.

During the last six months Metro citizens have been quarantined with the National Guard at the gates ready to shoot anyone who tries to leave the city. The authorities have asked for calm but the panicked public knows a dangerous and more virulent form of the infection is moving through every neighborhood.

The old Variant stationhouses have reopened to meet the threat, and the frantic fighters of 9-Squad are climbing the walls. Everyone’s a little on edge.

The veteran Captain Hyde is recovering from a serial killer attack but the squad doubts his tortured mind will heal. Beachboy’s promotion to captain has intensified his “death wish” and Wizard is haunted by her part in their fatal love triangle.

Joe Borland’s talent for carnage has given him something to live for, even if others have to pay for his survival with their lives. And ringleader Brass paces the cage wondering if he’s been accidentally imprisoned, or if his Bezo bosses have sentenced him to death with the rest. Good thing he’s been working on “Plan B.”

Enter the MADHOUSE with Ziploc City, first step in the final chapters of The Variant Effect Series.

MADHOUSE 1 – Ziploc City Sequel to The Variant Effect: GREENMOURNING

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