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Joe Borland Returns this Halloween!

Captain Joe Borland returns in PAINKILLER “Borland cradled a glass as he sprawled on his swaybacked sofa, a half-bottle of whiskey on the coffee table in front of him. Too tired to do more than zip open his Variant Squad jumper for a bit of relief. His belly bulged out and up toward the cracked …

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THE VARIANT EFFECT SQUAD ALERT! All SEVEN installments of THE VARIANT EFFECT are NOW available in ONE FREE multi-format eBook download at and other locations. Plus, THE VARIANT EFFECT PAPERBACK is available for order at AND:  Captain Joe Borland returns this fall in PAINKILLER: “Borland cradled a glass where he sprawled on his …

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G. Wells Taylor Titles on the Move

Thanks to all G. Wells Taylor readers who participated in the $1.99 eBook sale. Make sure you check in from time to time for new titles, contests and sales. We’re planning a big promotion for the summer. The site upgrades are underway. Pop in to to see the extremely affordable pricing, or click over …

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Still Time for $1.99 eBook Sale!

You have until February 28th to take advantage of our $1.99 Reader-direct Price for all full-length eBook titles at All titles will adjust to the low $3.99 retail eBook download price offered at,,, and the Sony eBook Store. Also The Variant Effect – Part Five: CRANKENSTEIN is now available …

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(2010-02-13) The Variant Effect – Part Five: CRANKENSTEIN is now available in FREE multi-format downloads at “Borland swung his legs out of the sedan and vomited between his feet when they hit the pavement. He wiped at his face with his bandaged hand. Damn it. That one got away from him.” Read the continuing …

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Huge Changes for G. Wells Taylor Titles

Some downtime for new publishing developments. Announcement soon. Stay tuned. and… THE VARIANT EFFECT – Part Five: Crankenstein available FREE Feb. 13/10. Get the first four installments FREE here.

Bent Steeple Contest Winners to be Announced

One would think that all this technology would make things work like, well, clockwork; however, such is not the case with the Bent Steeple eBook Reader Contest. Our confirmation emails to prize winners must be locked up in the anti-virus software of some of our winners. We’re about to switch to Plan B. Stay tuned …

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